12 learning nuggets on subscription 2021


12 Lern-Nuggets im Abo

Avibus – Birding for Trackers

“B4T” is a new format developed in cooperation with Dr. Andreas Wenger.
We want to present interesting and partly new findings on bird tracks and signs briefly and clearly.



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Twelve learning nuggets on subscription 2021

Avibus – Birding for Trackers

Dr. Andreas Wenger, December 2020

First, we would like to answer the FAQs.

Who can benefit from “Avibus – Birding for Trackers”?
Avibus is for everyone who is deeply interested in the tracks and signs of European birds. Previous knowledge does not harm, but is not a requirement.
Even experienced bird watchers might find it attractive to read about often-neglected aspects of ornithology.

What does “learning nugget” mean?
The term derives from the field of micro-learning. Learning nuggets are short units that convey knowledge on specific topics. In our articles, we present around 10 pages of thoroughly researched text with photos and graphics.

What are the nuggets about?
All topics deal with connections between ornithology and tracking. They include identification aids for individual species, comparisons of selected bird families, tracks and signs beyond footprints, observation tips and more.

Why nuggets and subscription?
We like the idea of getting a newspaper once a month that draws our attention to a manageable topic. We hope you like it too! Take a look at our first learning nugget “Buzzard in Snow” for free. Every month there is a different topic and at the end of the year, your knowledge will be enriched with twelve “gold treasures”.

Who is the author?
Dr. Andreas Wenger is a doctor by profession, which scientifically enriched his passion for nature, ornithology and tracking. For 17 years he was the chairman of LANIUS, an NGO in Austria that deals with faunistics and nature conservation. During this time, he wrote the book “Naturschätze, Naturreste im Raum Krems“. For the past four decades, he has been working in nature education and on various mapping and conservation projects. Inside the tracker community he is considered an expert in the field birds, their footprints and signs.

How much does it cost?
The subscription price is € 24.00. This includes twelve learning nuggets at € 2.00 each. The first nugget will be delivered in January 2021. Of course, if you sign up later you will still get the full volume.

Why do we publish “Avibus – Birding for Trackers” on bewandert.eu?
First of all, because we are friends with Andreas and we developed the idea in a joint excursion. In addition, in ” bewandert” we always work with people who are versed with a particular topic. (“bewandert” means versed in German). Andreas Wenger is just a bird connoisseur par excellence.

What are others saying about „Avibus”?
“Avibus is a scientifically rigorous and often humorous account of individual bird species common to Europe. It combines meticulously researched details about their tracks with drawings, natural history, personal stories and a review of other authors’ work. Dr. Andreas Wenger has crafted each issue with wit and love for his subjects. English readers: do not shy away! The author’s translations sparkle!”

Nate Harvey, Evaluator CyberTracker Conservation

12 learning nuggets on subscription

“Avibus” is a new format developed in cooperation with Dr. Andreas Wenger.
We want to present interesting and partly new findings on bird tracks and signs briefly and clearly.